NYTROGEN DISTRIBUTION: Comex is pleased to introduce the ideal solution for transporting nitrogen, widely used in car repair workshops and in assembly lines. The system consists of two sets of pipes and fittings: Ø40 mm for the main lines of distributions, and Ø25 mm for the lines of standard distribution. The calibrated tubes combined with nylon fittings ensure a secure and reliable seal with pressure rating PN 12.5. 

INEXPENSIVE LINE FOR COMPRESSED AIR DISTRIBUTION: the ideal solution for small distribution installations Ø20 mm and Ø25 mm, where the air flow is not high. The peculiarity of the SicoMini Line is the integration of the clamping system with the fitting, which enables to save costs with respect to the traditional SicoAir Line. The SicoMini line is compatible with the rest of the SicoAir Line.

MULTIFUNCTION LINE: double line of air alimentation (PN 12.5). It is carried out to allow maximum flexibility, making more practical and functional the working place. Aluminium profile with two parallel pipings Ø25 mm and Ø16 mm; it can transport two different fluids or two diversified pressures. It can be used on working benches, automation lines and maintenance workshops.